Removing Wildlife Humanely and Safely for All


As we build up our cities and towns, we tend to impede on the homes of wildlife. Due to this, we find ourselves interacting with various animals that simply have no where to go. Or, sometimes it is as basic as them getting lost. While many people fear having wildlife in their homes or on their properties, which leads to deadly measures, it does not have to be that way. They deserve to live just like humans do. I like to think about it like this, “would it be fair to be killed by someone bigger than you, simply because you got lost?” The answer would be no. It wouldn’t be fair.

How People Deal with Intrusive Wildlife

For many years, there have been many animals that have died unfairly due to their “intrusion” in highly populated areas. This may be due to fear or lack of education, or even a combination of both. With so much education out there and people willing to put work into maintaining the animals and their lives, there is no reason to take to deadly options. There are so many stories on the web about bears being killed instead of being tranquilized and safely removed. This is driven by fear and lack of education. Promoting education in this area would also help to preserve the lives of animals that we simply need to learn to live among.

Why we Need Humane Wildlife Removal

There are many companies out there that offer human options such as Chicago squirrel removal. Squirrels and many other animals can get into homes through their attics and poorly maintained chimneys. While it can be tempting to take the removal into your own hands, there are those that are trained in these situations. They will know how to get into strange places that they may be located, they will know how to physically handle them, and most importantly; they will know how to keep everyone safe. They even know how to take certain animals to refuges that will help heal them or give them a safe place to be dependent upon the animal’s physical condition. While the average person, may end up putting themselves and the animal(s) at risk.

What to do in This Situation

Take a minute to calm down. Make sure everyone is safely kept away dependent upon the animal. After that, look into humane wildlife removal companies in the area. There are many out there that are trained to safely remove these animals. If you are not trained in this, do not go near them. You risk yourself getting hurt or even having a disease transferred to you. It is realistic to be able to do this humanely. As stated before, no one has to die to put things right again. If an animal looks like they may have rabies, you still need to contact professionals. Do not take this into your own hands. Stay safe.